JMAG Open Interface programs

JMAG provides an open interface for integration with other tools.
It can be used to develop integrated programs based on JMAG results.
Please check for other company tools that are already integrated.

To use this interface, you must agree to the Terms of Use for JMAG interface information of use.

Currently provided data

Structural/vibration analysis

SPM Motor Electromagnetic Force Distribution (Stator Electromagnetic Vectors)

The data in this document is obtained by outputting the electromagnetic force distribution of the motor time history obtained with JMAG to frequency domains. This data can be used when simulating vibration in frequency analysis using the electromagnetic force of the motor as the excitation force. Mesh information, step information, and result data (physical quantities) are included in output files.

Electromagnetic Force Distribution of SPM Motors (Electromagnetic Force for Each Tooth)

This sample data is output from the motor electromagnetic force obtained in JMAG for each tooth according to the rotation angle region, time domain, and frequency region settings. This can be used to run vibration analysis using the motor’s electromagnetic force as excitation force. The output file contains the result data (physical quantities).

Thermal analysis

Loss Density Distribution of IPM Motors

This sample data is an output of the motor loss distribution obtained in JMAG and can be used when temperature analysis is run using the motor’s heat generation as the heat source. The output file contains mesh information, step information, and result data (physical quantities).


This is an interface for developing integrated programs. Do not apply for any other purpose.

STEP1: Apply for JMAG open interface program
STEP2: Agree to the terms and conditions
STEP3: After confirming your application, enter your ID/PW on the dedicated log-in page